Science in Action SFU

On Tuesday, February 11 2014 our Chemistry class, along with the grade 12s went on a field trip to Simon Fraser University. I misunderstood the instructions and ended up arriving 1 hour early. Once the others arrived Mrs.Kim took attendance and we walked to the Chemistry buildings located on the south side of campus. We were then greeted by to two Chemistry professors that guided us to a Chemistry lab. We were then paired up and put into groups. We were given instructions to conduct exothermic and endothermic reactions. We used a program called “log pro” that essentially recorded the temperatures of the solution for us and then recorded the data on a table which was projected on a line graph. The data on the graph ended up looking like an exponential function. It modeled out the rate of temperature increase as well as our maximum and minimum values. We then labeled the endothermic and  exothermic reactions. After printing our results we were dismissed for a 30min lunch break. After stopping by at a nearby Subway I returned to the lab for dessert. The professors then explained to us the essential steps for making ice cream. We used cream,sugar,vanilla, and liquid nitrogen. The ice cream actually ended up tasting really good. After going for seconds we were asked to proceed to a lecture hall where we were shown some interesting chemical reactions that made the solution change colors and flash. The professor than used a pickle as a light bulb. He finished of by lighting up helium, resulting in a very loud explosion with a big flash. After this we were dismissed.  I really enjoyed this trip and I got a feel for the equipment in SFU. I look forward to enrolling in either SFU or UBC to pursue Engineering.  



20140115 Year in Review Assignment

In no particular order this is my TOP 10 EVENTS OF 2013 (6 gadget related, 4 other):

Release of Gta 5 

This has to be the biggest news of the year for any GTA fan. I myself being a fan since the first series of Gta came out. I grew up watching the game advance to what it is today. From 2 dimensional to a 3 dimensional picture that looks better than real life in my opinion. I thought the game was fantastic and it reminded me of my GTA San Andreas days, playing GTA with my cousins. This game brought lots of great memories and has to be one of the best games I ever played. I can easily say that this was the best game ever made. It really sets the bar for other game developers.

Release of Ps4 

Another one related to video games. I’ve been waiting a long time for this console to finally come out. Overall I was quite satisfied with its performance and value. I myself did not pick one up yet but this is solely on reviews that I read online. In my opinion it beats Xbox (maybe because I’m biased)

Release of Oculus Rift Development Kit


While researching for this post I came across this gadget. I think it’s a great step in game development. This device really caught my eye because it was something I thought about designing before. I almost feel as if someone stole my idea (lol). The kit sells for $300 and basically lets you play in your gaming environment. It comes with a roundish treadmill and a headset you strap on. (Almost exactly as I imagined it) It’s obviously not the most advanced technology at $300 but it is a big step in the gaming industry.

Release of the Nokia Lumia 1020 

Now that I smashed my phone it might be time to get a new one. Why not the new Nokia Lumia 1020. I found it fascinating how it has such a powerful camera. An astonishing 41 megapixel camera is far more than required for any phone. I think this big step in smartphone production deserves to make my list.

Release of the New Apples Ipads

I’m not a big fan of the apple line. The only apple product I ever owned was my Ipod Shuffle that I got as a gift. But I found the new IPad to be a very useful tool. I like that it was much smaller in size and still had the beauty of the retina display. Apple products are usually on the expensive side but I found that this one was worth the extra buck.

Official release of Chrome Cast

While searching on the “Techland” top gadgets of 2013, I came across Chrome Cast which was number one on their list. It allows you to watch things from your laptop on the big screen. For only $35 it has to at least make the bang for your buck Tech gadget of the year.

Mayor Rob Ford

This was not a good year for politicians, especially for Toronto’s mayor who just had to make the list. His scandal put the city of Toronto in shame and at the center of attention. I don’t really have much to say about this but I just thought that It deserved to make it into the list because of its 24/7 coverage on TV.

King John Un

Not to be disrespectful to people from North Korea, but King John Un is a joke. His threat against the US were almost childish. This made the news for basically the whole month of March. I think that just its wide coverage on TV is enough to include it ito the list.

Royal Baby

This one seemed to be covered a lot on the news. The birth of the royal baby really made headlines in the news.

  1. Coolest piece of tech/tech trend (what you want Right Now) and WHY.

I found the smartphones that let you command your appliances and lock your house door very useful. This would be something I would like to have for my personal use. I figure it wouldn’t be extremely expensive and realistically I would be able to afford this gadget. As apposed to some of the others that seem to cost a fortune.  

  1. Lamest piece of tech/tech trend and WHY.

I thought the lamest tech trend had to be the drones. I don’t see them becoming anything in the near future. We are just not that advance yet. 

  1. Tech/Tech Trend that you think is too far in the future to be viable and WHY.

I thought that Drones where to far in the future. I just don’t think we have all the available advances in technology to develop a drone that is ready to be sold at electronic stores. We are just not advanced enough to create one that is good enough. 

  1. Tech/Tech Trend that has redeeming social value and WHY.

I think the that the tech that has redeemed social value has to be the automobiles with self-park and 4G internet. I just thought they would make it into the society great. Everyone is using smartphones and nobody likes parking. I thought this was the best mix in the show. If I had my drivers licence and was allowed to drive this would me my number one choice at the CES show.  

Overall I thought I thought the show had many interesting gadgets and it was a very interesting.



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